Our Services

When it comes to property management services, many companies may advertise their services as comprehensive, but in reality, they only provide the bare minimum at the maximum cost. At Stone & Sons Property Management, we believe that comprehensive property management includes much more than just appliance checks and security monitoring when you’re out of town. Our licensed and experienced property managers understand that managing a home includes regular meticulous, systematic inspections of the entire home and property areas.

At Stone & Sons Property Management, we stand behind the services we offer and promise a truly comprehensive management of your property. Among the many services we provide are:

  • Transportation services

We offer various transportation services to airports, allowing you to rest assured that your vehicle will be driven back to your own garage, where it will be safe and secure as part of your home monitoring.

  • Total home monitoring

From the front door to the back door, garage door or windows, we make sure your home is as secure as possible, both day and night, from any unwanted intruders.

  • Weekly inspection reports

Our property managers conduct weekly inspections of your home and grounds, specifically looking for any minor issues that could become major problems. We also pay close attention to any water intrusion that could damage your home if not addressed.

  • Landscape maintenance

Just as important as the interior of your home, the exterior is regularly inspected for lawn and weed issues, as well as any pest control or pool service needs.

  • Mail and Bills

Along with daily mail checks for correspondence and packages, we also offer bill-paying services to ensure any bills due are paid and no late fees are incurred while you’re away.

  • Storm preparation

Should you be away during hurricane season and a storm approaches, our staff is available upon request to shutter or secure your home in preparation for the storm’s arrival.

  • Starting/driving stored vehicles

This ensures the fluids in vehicles circulate as intended, serving to keep engines operating smoothly and ready for your return.

Additional Services

In addition to the wide range of home services we offer through Stone & Sons Property Management, which can be bundled and customized to fit the needs of any home, we would also like to remind you that we also offer interior and exterior painting services through our sister company, Chuck Stone Painting. Established in 1991, the team of painting professionals at Chuck Stone Painting has over 30 years of experience in residential painting and is licensed, bonded and insured, with worker’s compensation carried by every employee.

When it comes to meeting the needs of every homeowner that becomes a client, Stone & Sons Property Management, as well as Chuck Stone Painting, work hard to ensure they also become lifelong clients. Our expert teams take pride in our great reputation, and understand your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities, with neither taken for granted. We encourage you to contact our friendly staff to learn more about our convenient property management service bundles or to request an estimate on a painting project for your home.

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